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Wellness Centers & Prevention Care in Bloomfield & Plymouth

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As a trusted wellness center, make Bloomfield Urgent Care your source for preventative care. Our prestigious medical staff provides an experienced eye for all wellness visits, offering peace-of-mind and exceptional service. Find out if our wellness centers provide the preventative care you are looking for by calling (248) 230-2918 for Bloomfield and (734) 404-7508 for Plymouth.

Find out more about the wellness and prevention care services offered at our Urgent Care Centers by calling (248) 230-2918 for our Bloomfield location or (734) 404-7508 for our Plymouth location.

We like to prevent sickness as much as we like to treat it! At our Bloomfield & Plymouth wellness centers we provide:

  • Physicals for sports, school, and camp. Bring the form your organization provides to make sure our evaluation addresses your organization's specific requirements.
  • Immunizations and vaccines for all patients, including pediatrics. We suggest you bring your current immunization records when receiving new vaccinations.
  • Routine medical screenings and prevention treatments, such as EKGs, x-rays, lab work and blood tests, pregnancy tests, and skin biopsies.

Immediate Access to Board Certified Physicians in Bloomfield

Every member of our qualified staff is Board Certified and devoted to providing our patients with quick access to convenient medical care. Our doctors work at our facility because they enjoy helping each one of our patients return to health. We also provide compassionate patient follow-up appointments to ensure that you are healing well after visiting our clinic.

Not sure if you should be concerned about that skin growth? Ask! Our physicians adeptly evaluate your concerns and, if need be, we can send a biopsy for testing in our in-house laboratory. We enjoy providing peace of mind through fast lab results and convenient, comprehensive testing.

Immunization Services

From the flu shot to the TDAP, Bloomfield Urgent Care does it all. While we can certainly treat your illness, we'd love to keep you from ever getting sick in the first place. Vaccinations are designed to bolster your immune system so you don't fall ill with a serious, preventable disease.

Experienced Medical Staff

Providing Reliable Medical Care
  • Full-Service Medical Facility

    More than 80% of emergency room visits can be resolved with an urgent care visit.

  • Care When You Need It

    Our extended hours allow for you to receive convenient, urgent care without an appointment.

  • Staff Speaking Many Languages

    Our staff members can assist patients who speak English, Spanish, Hindu, and Urdu.

  • Cost-Effective Treatment

    We work with most major medical insurance companies including Medicare so you can be treated.

  • Full Capability Center

    We can handle colds, flu, x-rays, lab services, immunizations, pediatrics, occupational health and more.

  • Compassionate Medical Care

    Our doctors and medical staff understand you are visiting because you do not feel your best.

  • State of the Art Equipment

    We use the latest technology available to ensure that you receive outstanding medical care.