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Medical Care for Workers' Compensation Injuries in Bloomfield & Plymouth

Don't Let Your Work Injury Claim Get Rejected

As experienced workers' compensation clinics, Bloomfield Urgent Medical Care and Plymouth Urgent Care are designed to get you the treatment you need for your injury while helping you file the paperwork correctly for compensation. Done improperly, your workers' compensation claim can quickly become a nightmare or it could be rejected outright.

Find out all you need to know about work-related injury treatment by contacting our urgent care clinics in Bloomfield and Plymouth. Call us today at (248) 230-2918 for our Bloomfield location or (734) 404-7508 for our Plymouth location.

Workers' Compensation Urgent Care in Bloomfield & Plymouth

If you've been injured at work, notify your supervisor. Sometimes, your employer has a set physician you must first see before you begin treatment for your injury. Your employer is required to take a detailed account of the incident, getting all of the information they can while you receive treatment.

We know how to complete the workers' compensation paperwork correctly. Your injuries have to be specifically documented according to certain classification codes in order to be processed by your employer's workers' compensation insurance.

Our workplace injury care provides:

  • Clear and concise communication with your employer
  • Reliable documentation of your work injury
  • Comprehensive treatment, with digital X-rays and an in-house laboratory
  • Timely, patient-centered care
  • Drug testing for work needs
  • Affordable treatment for all workers' compensation cases

Protecting You & Your Employer

An incorrectly documented work-related injury can get rejected by your employer's workers' compensation insurance, which would be a hassle for both of you. Our medical team focuses on keeping our rates low and up-front while making sure we help you complete all necessary paperwork so your claim is processed right.

Not sure if you need an ER or an urgent care for your work injury? Evaluate the urgency of your problem with the following criteria: Immediate or life-threatening conditions should go directly to an emergency room. If you aren't experiencing a heart attack or significant blood loss, you can probably bring your injury to our urgent care centers in Bloomfield or Plymouth.

No appointments are necessary! Visit our walk-in clinic today for workplace injury care. For more information, call 248-333-0333 248-333-0333 for Bloomfield, 734-254-0700 for Plymouth,  or simply contact us online.

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